Getting Started

In this video we open one of the Pokitto earlybird boxes, assemble the device and connect it to the PC as a flash drive. 0:00 What is inside the Pokitto Box? 9:37 The mysterious tester program already on the Pokitto 10:20 Connecting to PC/Tablet ...Read more >>
Step-by-step written guide for all different platforms coming. Windows Here is a video guide for Windows. The USB cable connection and buttons apply for all OS's: Mac OSX @adekto has contributed a fantastic helper application for Macintosh Pokitto Mac Loader App v0.2 pokitto load... ...Read more >>
Ready-made disk of Pokitto games. (587.3 KB) Instructions Download and extract zip package Put Pokitto in flash programming mode (shows as CRP_DISABLD flash drive) Delete "firmware.bin" on Pokitto flash drive Put any one of the .bin files inside .zip package to Pokitto fl... ...Read more >>
...very basics of how to write, compile and store a simple program for the Pokitto in the mbed online ecosystem. There is now a ready-made Hello World! starter project available, all you need to do is to create an mbed account: 00:30 - loggi... ...Read more >>