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Gamedisk v10 Ready-made disk of Pokitto games and demos Pokitto Gamedisk v07 released !! #1 . Make sure you have the latest loader Flash this .bin to your device start.bin (256 KB) #2 . Extract gamedisk contents to SD card (remember, card in FAT32 format!) ...Read more >>

Testing Program

This binary is intended testing the functions on Pokitto. It opens “intro44.snd” from the SD card. You can also test all buttons by pressing them. A box will be drawn in the middle of the screen to show which key has been pressed. This also contains the SD loader v5 PREINSTALLED! Binary start.bin... ...Read more >>


cPong [WIP]




Naval Battle[WIP]




Pok15 [WIP]




PokSky WIP


Polar Parcel




Pokitto Says [wip]















hi, it is time to also share some code :blush: :blush: . Sources are here: For those who have no idea what I am talking about: There are a few keys you can press (once the image has been calculated): c... ...Read more >>
concept on making a composite draw mode that takes 2 screen buffers and combines them with a 1bit buffer might be fun for screen transitions, ghostly sprites and other effects not sure wich mode to use this on since it doubles the framebuffer, mode15 is not possible, any suggestions? ...Read more >>
The CHIP-8 is a virtual machine designed in the 1970s for creating simple games. I tried making a quick port of an existing CHIP-8 interpreter, and I partially succeeded. Here is it running the Trip-8 demo rom: CHIP-8 in Pokitto Simulator (WIP) I can run CHIP-8 roms successfully, but after a seem... ...Read more >>

Frogitto demo

  by Hanski
Frogitto is a python game demo to show MicroPython performance and capabilities on Pokitto. The MicroPython and uPyGame features demoed: surfaces, sprites, sprite groups, collision detection, color palette, key events. The gfx are made by @VonBednar . Pokitto binary: frogitto.bin (185.0 KB) Here ... ...Read more >>

Jetpack by Trelemar

  by trelemar
(written by Jonne) Nice unfinished particle and gravity demo by @trelemar jetpack.bin (63.3 KB) Source code will be linked later ...Read more >>
Yep. It’s your Pokitto. Serving pages over HTTP. IMG_20180924_164852.jpeg IMG_20180924_164852 IMG_20180924_164852.jpeg 980x735 170 KB IMG_20180924_164901.jpeg IMG_20180924_164901 IMG_20180924_164901.jpeg 980x735 148 KB binary pppdemo.bin (64.4 KB) Background (PPP Blinky project on mbed) https://o... ...Read more >>
This is essentially just a port of some code I wrote for the Arduboy demonstrating how my fixed points library can be used to do decent physics simulations that would otherwise be difficult using float . Github Repo GitHub Pharap/PhysixPokitto PhysixPokitto - Port of Physix physics demo to Pokitt... ...Read more >>

PokittoScope Demo

  by Hanski
This is a demo using a “slow phosphor” screen mode. That is a 16 color mode where the palette is a gradient palette. In this mode the color index of each pixel in the screen buffer is decreased for each frame, until it hits zero (usually black). The actual demo is made with Python. PokittoScope P... ...Read more >>


  by Rakkachi
Since i already had a pixel moving around my screen i added a frame to it: Sketchi.bin (56.3 KB) A-button increases the speed B-button clears the screen edit, updated using tips from Pharap. Added a gamecondition to display title, as in the Lost game. #include "Pokitto.h" #include "Background.h" ... ...Read more >>
I’ve had my Pokitto for a while now without having really attempted to make a program or learn the API, so I decided to just sit down and make one. (I’d made a few things like the PEX tutorials and glanced at the API, but I hadn’t bothered to sit down and work on something properly.) I picked nou... ...Read more >>
com-crop This demo shows a TinyBasic interpreter running on Pokitto. When Pokitto starts, the program establishes a USB Serial port on the PC You can “talk” to the BASIC by using a terminal program, such as PuTTY . Baud settings can be anything (9600 for example), because on virtual serial ports ... ...Read more >>

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