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Ready-made disk of Pokitto games. (517.9 KB) Instructions open zip package put Pokitto in flash programming mode (shows as CRP_DISABLD flash drive) delete "firmware.bin" on Pokitto flash drive put any of the .bin files inside .zip package to Pokitto flash drive put all fi... ...Read more >>
This binary is intended testing the maximum sound on Pokitto. does not output sound at the moment will be fixed tomorrow - jonne You can also test all buttons by pressing them. A box will be drawn in the middle of the screen to show which key has been pressed. Do not put on earphones unless you r... ...Read more >>


  by wuuff
You have been tasked with the defense of six cities from the incoming nuclear apocalypse. You have only two launchers to shoot down incoming missiles. Survive as long as you can to delay the inevitable end of the world. Jonne says: A Missile Command game by our very own @wuuff , originally for th... ...Read more >>
This game was made by Yoda Zhang of www.yodasvideoarcade for Gamebuino. Was one of the first games ported to Pokitto in testing purposes. Pokitto Binary: asterock.bin (39.0 KB) Source code ...Read more >>

Arcade Classics [v1.0]

  by epicdude312
Arcade Classics v1.0 This is a collection of classic arcade games, featuring Pong, Breakout, Snake, and Stacker. It's meant to be a way to play these awesome classics on the Pokitto. Current Downloads Simulator: NOT MADE YET (download source in Other Downloads for now) Pokitto Binary: arcade.bin ... ...Read more >>
This is the Arduboy2 library example "Breakout" game Pokitto binary: arduboy.bin (53.2 KB) Source code on mbed community page: coming soon ...Read more >>
A nice platform puzzle game by STUDIOCRAFTapps , originally released on Gamebuino. Runs without changes at higher resolution on Pokitto. Pokitto binary: bbb.bin (47.5 KB) Source code on Pokitto mbed community page: ...Read more >>
This is a port of the Crabator game from Gamebuino. Original by R0d0t (Aurelién Rodot), ported to Pokitto by Jonne Pokitto binary: crabator.bin (41.5 KB) Source code on mbed: ...Read more >>
Pokitto Community team entry to the CGA jam competition. Downloadable on FHthD6.png FHthD6.png 800x540 5.13 KB columns-coffins.bin (68.6 KB) Source code on mbed community page: ...Read more >>
I don't know if that program will work on a real Pokitto but I had the dream to create or modify Chip-8 programs directly on a device, There is still work to do but It is now a reality on the Pokitto simulator :slight_smile: :slight_smile: IMG_1643.PNG IMG_1643.PNG 750x803 304 KB ...Read more >>
The CHIP-8 is a virtual machine designed in the 1970s for creating simple games. I tried making a quick port of an existing CHIP-8 interpreter, and I partially succeeded. Here is it running the Trip-8 demo rom: I can run CHIP-8 roms successfully, but after a seemingly random delay the simulator f... ...Read more >>

cPong [WIP]

  by trelemar
cPong! - Single player circular pong mayhem! Hey guys! For my first actual project I started remaking one of my old games. You can play the original TIC-80 version here! cPong is very easy to play, but quite challenging. It is a variant of the multiplayer classic "Pong", but with a mechanic tailo... ...Read more >>

Frogitto demo

  by Hanski
Frogitto is a python game demo to show MicroPython performance and capabilities on Pokitto. The MicroPython and uPyGame features demoed: surfaces, sprites, sprite groups, collision detection, color palette, key events. The gfx are made by @VonBednar . Pokitto binary: frogitto.bin (185.0 KB) Here ... ...Read more >>
Maruino by ajsb113 made for Gamebuino originally, but runs in higher resolution on the Pokitto. Port (it didn't need any porting actually) by Jonne Pokitto binary: maruino.bin (43.9 KB) Source code on mbed community page: ...Read more >>


  by Zuzu36
Just another Pong. This Pong has these features: - Single- AND multyplayer - COM uses a difficulty-system - 6 ball colors (including a color-change-ball) - settings screen with some options (explained below) Latest version: 1.2 Pong 1.2.bin (36,3 KB) New with this version (1.2): - added multyplay... ...Read more >>

Pokitto Lander [WIP]

  by HomineLudens
Still really alpha but works on hardware really smooth. Particles and all good stuff are planned: #pokitto #wip getting fun. — Filippo ( @HomineLudens ) 13 novembre 2017 ...Read more >>

Pokitto Says [wip]

  by HomineLudens
Classic "Simon says" electronic game clone. Now with sounds and bootloader V3! say.bin (68.2 KB) ...Read more >>

PokittoScope Demo

  by Hanski
This is a demo using a "slow phosphor" screen mode. That is a 16 color mode where the palette is a gradient palette. In this mode the color index of each pixel in the screen buffer is decreased for each frame, until it hits zero (usually black). The actual demo is made with Python. Pokitto binary... ...Read more >>

Pokittris [wip]

  by spinal
Pokittris is the first 'Tetris' game for Pokitto. It is based on the code for 'Tiny Bloks' by myself for the Arduboy. This is my second attempt at a tetris game, so please don't be too harsh with the comments. Please enjoy. Pokittris Beta Pokittris 01/10/17 Pokittris 02/10/17 - Latest version! to... ...Read more >>


  by jonne
Pixonia Isometric survival game for Pokitto with random terrain! Find and mine the gold! Pokitto binary pixonia.bin (49.6 KB) Source code on mbed community page Pixonia by Community Team Isometric surv... ...Read more >>
Working on PokiSnake, a Pokitto port of my Arduboy "ArduSnake" snake game. Here is the source for the simulator. There is no sound, there is still work to do on gameplay and graphics, there is a bug with the snake speed at the 6th food but it is fully playable. I hope that it will be useful for s... ...Read more >>

Racers [wip]

  by Zuzu36
Racers is a basic-arcade racing game. Concept: This game will contain: 100 differend cars shop system to gain more cars garage to choose cars List of the cars. Any ideas for more vehicles? (the red ones will be replaced) This game will maybe contain: diferent tracks more gamemodes some kind of 2 ... ...Read more >>
End result: raytrace.jpg raytrace.jpg 1600x900 195 KB Source code will be pasted here. Not my work, just copy pasted from an example and slightly modified to work on Pokitto Pokitto binary raytrace.bin (49.9 KB) Source code on mbed community page ...Read more >>


  by spinal
There might be a few bugs to work out, but here is the first release of Sensitive. (40.9 KB) The aim is simple, remove all of the red and yellow tiles and get to the exit! If people could let me know if the controls are working correctly for everyone that would be excellent!... ...Read more >>
This is my attempt to port Aphrodite's Squiddy game from the Pico 8 to the Pokitto. To play the game, press the A button. If Squiddy's feet touch the green area, you win. If they touch the black area (you lose). The "magnets" (moving arrows) affect the ball. In this version, on the map screen, yo... ...Read more >>
'The Lonely Cottage' (an old-school Text-Based Multi-Choice Adventure Game). Adapted by me from the source by Wayne K Jones ( ): Text-Based Multi-Choice Adventure Game Did you ever play those impossibly difficult text-based adventures back in the day?"You find you... ...Read more >>


  by Shdwwzrd
The classic 5 of a kind dice game for 1-3 local multiplayer Download Game available for download here ...Read more >>
Sadly I discovered there already was a tic tac toe version when I was going to public mine. It's my first C/C++ project, trying to learn something new. It use high resolution 4 color mode: Any comments welcome (please be gentile) Binary: yatt.bin (45.1 KB) Mbed online here: ...Read more >>