Pokitto Spin
Learn Internet-of-Things programming in a FUN way

POKITTO is a Do-It-Yourself gaming gadget, that you assemble and program yourself. It is based on an ARM Cortex-M0+ core, similar to the chips used in smart IoT devices.

With POKITTO you learn by playing and looking at open-source games and applications. Then create your own programs and move on to build intelligent gadgets – it’s a motivating way of learning for both kids and adults!

Drag & drop programming
Easy Drag & Drop Programming

Pokitto connects to any tablet or computer as a USB flash drive

Programming is easy:

  • On-line tools (
  • No drivers, no installation
  • USB flash drive is built in ROM. If you make a programming mistake, you can always get the device working again!
Retro and Future at the same time

Pokitto is a tiny low-power handheld. It’s capabilities are similar to old systems like Amiga 500, C64 and Gameboy Color.

Pokitto runs on a modern 32-bit ARM Cortex-M0+ processor. The same chip is found for example in 3D printers, drones and home automation systems (Google Nest)

Your path to mastering the Internet-of-Things

Pokitto is a full-featured ARM development platform. If you learn to program the Pokitto, you have inside knowledge on how smart Internet of Things gadgets really operate. There will be TENS of BILLIONS of devices like the Pokitto in our homes, cars and workplaces in the near future.

Fast color display

The Pokitto has a custom-made LCD display, that has been TUNED to make fast color games possible.

The maximum speed of the graphics bus is 8 MILLION pixels per second*, which is an amazing feat from a tiny Cortex-M0 with only 36 kB of memory

(*not in real-world applications – the LCD simply can’t keep up with 200 FPS!)
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Great libraries and tools

Pokitto has libraries for

  • graphics
  • chip music
  • physics
  • PC simulator for development
  • Ports of Arduboy and Gamebuino libraries
  • 2 independent sound output channels

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