Pokitto::Sound Class Reference

Static Public Member Functions

static void begin ()
static void setMaxVol (int16_t)
static uint16_t getMaxVol ()
static void volumeUp ()
static void volumeDown ()
static void updateStream ()
static void playTone (uint8_t os, int frq, uint8_t amp, uint8_t wav, uint8_t arpmode)
static void playTone (uint8_t os, uint16_t freq, uint8_t volume, uint32_t duration)
static uint8_t ampIsOn ()
static void ampEnable (uint8_t)
static int playMusicStream (char *filename, uint8_t options)
static int playMusicStream (char *filename)
static int playMusicStream ()
static void pauseMusicStream ()
static void playTrack (const uint16_t *track, uint8_t channel)
static void updateTrack (uint8_t channel)
static void updateTrack ()
static void stopTrack (uint8_t channel)
static void stopTrack ()
static void changePatternSet (const uint16_t *const *patterns, uint8_t channel)
static void playPattern (const uint16_t *pattern, uint8_t channel)
static void changeInstrumentSet (const uint16_t *const *instruments, uint8_t channel)
static void updatePattern (uint8_t i)
static void updatePattern ()
static void setPatternLooping (bool loop, uint8_t channel)
static void stopPattern (uint8_t channel)
static void stopPattern ()
static void command (uint8_t cmd, uint8_t X, int8_t Y, uint8_t i)
static void playNote (uint8_t pitch, uint8_t duration, uint8_t channel)
static void updateNote ()
static void updateNote (uint8_t i)
static void stopNote (uint8_t channel)
static void stopNote ()
static void setMasterVolume (uint8_t)
static uint8_t GetMasterVolume ()
static void setVolume (int16_t volume)
static uint16_t getVolume ()
static void setVolume (int8_t volume, uint8_t channel)
static uint8_t getVolume (uint8_t channel)
static void playOK ()
static void playCancel ()
static void playTick ()
static void setChannelHalfPeriod (uint8_t channel, uint8_t halfPeriod)
static void generateOutput ()
static void updateOutput ()

Static Public Attributes

static bool trackIsPlaying [NUM_CHANNELS]
static bool patternIsPlaying [NUM_CHANNELS]
static uint8_t outputPitch [NUM_CHANNELS]
static int8_t outputVolume [NUM_CHANNELS]
static uint8_t prescaler
static uint16_t globalVolume
static uint16_t * trackData [NUM_CHANNELS]
static uint8_t trackCursor [NUM_CHANNELS]
static uint16_t ** patternSet [NUM_CHANNELS]
static int8_t patternPitch [NUM_CHANNELS]
static uint16_t * patternData [NUM_CHANNELS]
static uint16_t ** instrumentSet [NUM_CHANNELS]
static bool patternLooping [NUM_CHANNELS]
static uint16_t patternCursor [NUM_CHANNELS]
static uint8_t notePitch [NUM_CHANNELS]
static uint8_t noteDuration [NUM_CHANNELS]
static int8_t noteVolume [NUM_CHANNELS]
static bool notePlaying [NUM_CHANNELS]
static int8_t commandsCounter [NUM_CHANNELS]
static int8_t volumeSlideStepDuration [NUM_CHANNELS]
static int8_t volumeSlideStepSize [NUM_CHANNELS]
static uint8_t arpeggioStepDuration [NUM_CHANNELS]
static int8_t arpeggioStepSize [NUM_CHANNELS]
static uint8_t tremoloStepDuration [NUM_CHANNELS]
static int8_t tremoloStepSize [NUM_CHANNELS]
static uint16_t * instrumentData [NUM_CHANNELS]
static uint8_t instrumentLength [NUM_CHANNELS]
static uint8_t instrumentLooping [NUM_CHANNELS]
static uint16_t instrumentCursor [NUM_CHANNELS]
static uint8_t instrumentNextChange [NUM_CHANNELS]
static int8_t stepVolume [NUM_CHANNELS]
static uint8_t stepPitch [NUM_CHANNELS]
static uint8_t chanVolumes [NUM_CHANNELS]

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