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Pokitto Wiki is a collection of information about Pokitto and how it works.

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Feel free to download and print if you want (A2 size original). QR links will be going live this weekend Pokitto_UM_poster.jpg Pokitto_UM_poster.jpg 2480x3483 1.08 MB ...Read more >>
Pokitto_opened copy.jpg Pokitto_opened copy.jpg 1418x1149 156 KB PROCESSOR NXP ARM Cortex-M0+ processor, running at 48 MHz 256kB program memory – 36kB RAM – 4kB EEPROM GRAPHICS 2.0″ Color TFT with fast bus (8 million pixels/second theoretical max) 220×176 (high resolution) 110×88 (fastest resolut... ...Read more >>
Introduction to PEX - the Pokitto EXtension header Pokitto EXtension header (PEX) provides a way to extend the functionality of Pokitto. The header uses a common 0.1 inch pitch - you can connect many electronic components to Pokitto simply by wiring them directly to the PEX. For example, you coul... ...Read more >>
What is "hardware debugging"? "Debugging" means getting rid of "bugs" - program errors. The main idea of debugging is that by using a program called a "debugger" you can stop the running of the program and look closely at what is happening in the code. It makes finding errors a lot easier. Hardwa... ...Read more >>
Pokitto Wiki creation process Pokitto Wiki will begin forming right here on the Forums. Everyone is invited to take part. Who can make a Wiki? Anyone, who is a Po... ...Read more >>
Since I can't be everywhere at the same time, I am going to be keeping a list right here so you know whats going on. If you want to add stuff, wishes, wish me to change priorities on things, comment below Pokitto Kickstarter units First shipments out of USA tomorrow. More boards for more shipment... ...Read more >>

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MicroPython is an open source subset of the Python (v. 3) language. Python is an easy to learn, interpreted, and object oriented programming language. MicroPython does not contain all the Python libraries, because of the memory and performance restrictions of embedded systems. MicroPython has bee... ...Read more >>
Introduction to Pokitto's sound abilities Pokitto can make sound in various ways: music streaming from the SD card as a continuous stream beeps and boops (squarewave sounds) like the Arduboy and Gamebuino synthesizer more complex sounds like saw waves & triangle waves, ADSR envelopes etc Pokitto ... ...Read more >>